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David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket (Limited Edition)

David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

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Back cover (click for larger pic)

Strictly Limited Edition Available on Pre-Order only.

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David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket
David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket

Carol Day is a fashion model, elegant and assured in a world of intrigue, vividly brought to life in this much-acclaimed newspaper strip with multi-layered adult storylines and superbly detailed and atmospheric artwork.

A wonderful newspaper strip, with its combination of sophisticated themes and stories, rounded characters and always magnificent art, Carol Day  transcends even the best American strips of the time, and yet, strangely, despite being sold internationally, it was never syndicated in the United States.

Created by artist David Wright, she was published in the Daily Mail between 10th September 1956 and 25th May 1967.

Message from the Publisher
For the next group of Carol Day  titles we are creating a series of “story books”. These books will each contain one complete Carol Day story reproduced from the original art in the original size. We will write a short introduction to the story but otherwise provide little editorial content except copyright and contact information.

The pages will be just like Lance Hallam and Jack Slingsby.

For our first three complete stories we are planning:
Riverside Racket - the 8th story, published in 1958: a tale of passion and murder! Not seen since its original publication.
Money Matters - the 14th story, published in 1960: a story about a poor snob and a wealthy, good-hearted social climber.
Jimmy Hayes - the 24th story, published in 1963: a middle-aged lecher pursuing Carol.

We plan to release Riverside Racket  this year and follow up in 2025 with the next 2 stories.

To store and display the story books, we've designed a SLIPCASE that will fit all three books. The slipcase will match the Lance Hallam and Jack Slingsby books on your shelf. Brian Bolland has designed another wonderful Carol Day cover for the front of the slipcase. The slipcase will be available in 2025.

~ Limited to pre-ordered copies only
~ Printed on acid-free paper
~ approximately 56 pages
~ Quarterbound with a cloth spine
~ Large format to match the original artwork

* Foreword
* The Riverside Racket story
* The Slingsby Bros and the Adventure of the Lost Art by Roger Clark

You can reserve your copy of Riverside Racket now. The book is only available through The Book Palace and only by pre-order, so if you'd like a copy, don't hesitate!

David Wright's Carol Day: Riverside Racket  is a companion volume to the large format books: David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam and David Wright's Carol Day: Jack Slingsby.

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Author: David Wright
Artist: David Wright
Publisher: Slingsby Bros, Ink!, due Autumn/Fall 2024
Number of pages: 56
Format: Flexi Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 19" x 14" (489mm x 362mm)

We are taking advance orders for this title which is due Autumn/Fall 2024.
Reserve your copy now to guarantee delivery.

Price:  144.00