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David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam (Limited Edition)

David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

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Back cover (click for bigger picture)
Back cover (click for larger pic)

Deluxe Edition strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide

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David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam Eisner Award Nominee
Eisner Award Nominee
David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam Brian Bolland drawing the cover
Brian Bolland drawing the cover
David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam Complete Book Covers
Complete Book Covers
David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam
David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam David Wright's Carol Day: Lance Hallam

Nominated for an Eisner Award: Best Archival Collection/Project - Strips.

Carol Day is a fashion model, elegant and assured in a world of intrigue, vividly brought to life in this much-acclaimed newspaper strip with multi-layered adult storylines and superbly detailed and atmospheric artwork. Created by artist David Wright, it was published in the Daily Mail between 10th September 1956 and 25th May 1967.

We present the complete Lance Hallam  story from the original art in the LARGE FORMAT full size of the originals (minus 3 episodes where we use other scans), a pleasingly large 17 x 5.25 inches. That is the 84 complete strips which ran from Friday, January 11, 1957 - April 18, 1957.

We want to give readers the opportunity to savour the original art and to enjoy one of David Wright's best stories.

The front cover image is by Carol Day super-fan and artist extraordinaire, Brian Bolland! The back cover image is a trs chic original illustration by David Wright.

This is the first time a comic strip story has been reprinted in its original size and format from the original art!

To bring the character into the 21st century the publisher commissioned a number of great contemporary artists to create their reaction to the character and story, and we think the resulting portfolio showcases some truly outstanding work by some of the best artists working today.

In addition to presenting the original art in its original size, also present are scans of the complete art boards with all the marginal notes, editorial comments, revisions, etc. that characterize the art as physical objects.

Complete with a critical essay, background on David Wright and contemporary interpretations of the character.

~ Limited to 500 copies
~ Printed on acid-free paper
~ Quarterbound with a cloth spine
~ Colored headbands with ribbon marker
~ Hot foil stamping on the spine
~ Cover by Brian Bolland

- Foreword
- A Brush with Fitzrovia by Peter Richardson
- The Lance Hallam Art
- The Artistry of Lance Hallam by Roger Clark
- Carol Day by Today's Artists
- The Lance Hallam Boards
- Acknowledgements and Project Journey

Lance Hallam  is a companion volume to the large format book: Carol Day: Jack Slingsby.

Authors: David Wright; Edited by Roger Clark, Chris Killackey, and Guy Mills
Artist: David Wright; cover illustration by Brian Bolland
Publisher: Slingsby Bros, Ink!, April 2023
Number of pages: 152
Format: Hard Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 19" x 14" (489mm x 362mm)

Price:  299.00
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