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Fleetway Comics Archives
Fleetway Comics Archives: DICK TURPIN (Limited Edition)
due July 2024

Fleetway Comics Archives: DICK TURPIN (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

Ref: DICKTURPIN (front cover (may change))

Deluxe Limited Collectors' edition of 500 copies

Tales of heroism on The King's Highways from the Fleetway Comics Archives.

Complete Dick Turpin stories and illustrations from Sun, Comet and Thriller Picture Library comics from the 1950s.

This collection comprises the cream of Dick Turpin strips published during the halcyon days of the Amalgamated Press. Within its pages the work of such masters as Derek Eyles, Hugh McNeill, Eric Parker, H. M. Brock, Jesus Blasco, Eric Bradbury and Cecil Doughty.

167 Highway Days by HM Brock

205 - 215 The Phantom Highwayman by Hugh McNeill
216 - 227 The Mystery of Misty Moor by Hugh McNeill
252 - 264 The Mystery of Creepy Crawley by Hugh McNeill

265 - 268 The Return of Creepy Crawley by Edgar Spenceley
301 - 320 Ride to York by Derek Eyles
485 - 489 The Path of Peril by Eric Bradbury
490 - 499 The House Vengeance by Jesus Blasco

TPL 85 For Justice and the Right by Cecil Doughty

394 - 406 Phantom of Gravestone Grange by Geoff Campion/Eric Parker

A Book Palace Books publication.

Author: Norman Wright (introduction)
Artists: Cecil Doughty, Hugh McNeill, Derek Eyles, HM Brock, Edgar Spenceley, Eric Parker, Eric Bradbury, Jesus Blasco, Geoff Campion
Publisher: Book Palace Books, due July 2024
Number of pages: 264
Format: Hard Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (216mm x 280mm)
ISBN: 9781913548575

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