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World Wars (Matania)
The King at the Front (World War I) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed)

The King at the Front  (World War I) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) by World Wars (Matania) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: MataniaF06 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Fortunino Matania (biography)
Medium: Limited edition Lithograph print on Paper
Size: 15" x 10" (381mm x 254mm)
Date: 1916
Signature: Signed by artist lower left

This is a Signed Limited edition print.

One of a series of 12 artist proof signed prints produced for the Sphere & Tatler in 1916, 'With the British Army on the Western Front'. It was a rainy, uncertain day, with flashes of sunlight brightening the landscape at intervals.

At the sides of a long, straight road were standing British troops, shoulder to shoulder, company upon company, extending in one long perspective of khaki until the lines merged in the far distance. The muddy road was full of watery ruts which glinted to the passing gleams of light as the rain clouds parted. At the moment, however, it was not raining, and the men were carrying their overcoats rolled in bandolier fashion.

The long lines stood waiting, the company commanders a little in advance of the men. Then from the distance came a little group of officers. Distant cheering could be heard, which as the group approached burst into spontaneous shouts of welcome as King George V, followed by the Prince of Wales and the staff, became clearly visible. The cheers were not of the formal parade-ground character; they came from men who could not await their strict turn to cheer. The greeting must out. The King smiled back his answer to the right and then to the left and passed. . . . In a few moments the scene had vanished; the long lines splashed their way back to work, glad at heart, for the King, the highest in the land, had been among them.

This art features as Fig. 87 in the book The Art of Fortunino Matania: catalogue of original art & prints.


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World Wars (Matania)

World Wars (Matania)