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Fleetway Comics Archives
Fleetway Comics Archives: ROBIN HOOD (Limited Edition)
due July 2024

Fleetway Comics Archives: ROBIN HOOD (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

Ref: ROBINHOOD (front cover)

Deluxe Limited Collectors' edition of 500 copies

Shenanigans in Sherwood Forest from the Fleetway Comics Archives

The very best complete Robin Hood comic strips from Knockout, Sun, Robin Hood Annual and Thriller Picture Library comics.

600 by Patrick Nicolle

293 - 300 The Crusader's Castle by Reginald Heade
397 - 406 Robin the Magnificent by Jesus Blasco
407 - 409 The Rival Lords by Fred Holmes
410 - 416 Sir Basil de Brionne by Jesus Blasco
417 - 428 The Black Boar By Jesus Blasco

Robin Hood Annual
RH Annual 1957 Richard the Lionheart by Reg Bunn
RH Annual 1957 Chivalry by Patrick Nicolle
RH Annual 1960 In the Days of Robin Hood by Patrick Nicolle

Thriller Picture Library
TPL 80 Robin Hood Rides Again by Patrick Nicolle
TPL 130 Knight at Arms by Patrick Nicolle
TPL 150 Black Dragon by Patrick Nicolle
TPL 166 The Lionheart Returns by Reg Bunn
TPL 255 The Giant Catapult by John Millar Watt

A Book Palace Books publication.

Author: Norman Wright (introduction)
Artists: Patrick Nicolle, Reg Bunn, Reginald Heade, Jesus Blasco, Fred Holmes, John Millar Watt
Publisher: Book Palace Books, due July 2024
Number of pages: 264
Format: Hard Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (216mm x 280mm)
ISBN: 9781913548582

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